BAD NEWS! 2 Of Arsenal’s Main Stars Set to Miss Pre-season Matches

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed one of his favourite forward/winger won’t be starting in this summer pre-season match to Singapore.

Alexis who was brilliant in the just concluded  44th edition of the Copa America tournament where he lifted the trophy with his National side Chile and is expected to be rested until September; Wenger revealed he is ready to speed the versatile midfielder.

However Alexis is expected to be back on the 3rd of August.

Wenger had this to say about Sanchez missing the first pre-season match.

“Usually it takes three weeks to be competitive. With Alexis it could be a bit less. He will miss certainly the first game.

“He is an important player for us and he showed he has the winning mentality when he took on the responsibility to take the last penalty in the Copa America Final against Argentina.”

Another player that would also be missing is Danny Welbeck due to injury.

According to Wenger on the club’s website, Welbeck who has been out of action since April won’t join up with the squad for the tour.

“Welbeck isn’t completely recovered from the problem he had at the end of last season, he is not back in full training so he will stay behind.”


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