REVEALED: Wenger Gives SHOCK Reply On Retirement Plans

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is planning a major title push next season and the boss is aware of the need to bring in only the best in the summer to achieve his target.

According to Arsenal official website, Arsene Wenger said he is more committed than ever with the club.

Wenger is set to take charge of his 20th season at Arsenal which makes him the longest serving manager in the country.

65-year-old Frenchman claim he has never had thoughts of leaving the club since his arrival in 1996.

Arsène Wenger had this to say;

“I have a lot of experience and that helps to anticipate what you will face,” he said. “You have to have a good assessment of who you are and you are not influenced too much by what people say about you. One side is sometimes too positive and the other is sometimes too negative.

“I think I am more committed than ever. I just think that the number of times you have done [something] doesn’t count, it’s how much you love what you do that counts. What you do does not necessarily diminish the love of what you do by the number of times you have done it.

“Football is new every day. That’s a big quality that makes you question yourself because after every defeat, people say, ‘What on earth is this guy doing?’ Every three days you are questioned and that is an exam that you take.

“You have no way to look back because you have to prepare for the next exam and then come out of it with success. It always demands 100 per cent commitment.”

When asked about Retirement? Yes, it crosses my mind but for not longer than five seconds because I panic a bit; but he also added he has no intention to follow ex Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson out of the game anytime soon.


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