IMAGE: Chelsea Fans Troll Arsenal With “Treble Winning” Open Bus Parade Image

fa community shield

Arsenal won the FA Community Shield title back-to-back yesterday when they beat Chelsea 1-0 at Wembley.

Arsene Wenger’s side came out victorious when they took on League champions Chelsea in a match that would go a long way to show the preparedness of both clubs ahead of the new season.

The victory against arch rivals Chelsea on Sunday meant that the Gunners have now lifted three trophies ahead of the new season, sparking reactions from both Arsenal and Chelsea fans on various social media.

One image which has been making the rounds on Twitter however, is a picture of a parade bus covered in Arsenal colours with the words “Treble Winners, Barclays Asia Trophy and Community Shield” boldly written on the bus.

The image is currently trending on Twitter and is said to be spread by Chelsea fans to troll the Gunners on winning three trophies ahead of the season.

The image however, is flawed, with a Nike Logo printed on the bus rather than Puma – which the Gunners currently use.

Below is the image.

Troll: Arsenal's treble winning open bus parade. Nice try Chelsea fans. [Picture:  Twitter]

Troll: Arsenal’s treble winning open bus parade. Nice try Chelsea fans, nice try [Picture: Twitter]


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