Sad News, As Arsenal Star Causes Twitter Melt Down“Warning This Article Contains Strong Language”

Arsenal have officially announced England international Jack Wilshere’s Injury which happened accidental in a training session yesterday.

Some angry Arsenal fans are seriously pissed with defender Gabriel Paulista and they took to their twitter handle to express their anger, some took it too far by sending death threat Messages to the talented defender.

Wenger told

“The information you have heard about Jack Wilshere is right,” Wenger told

“I had a bad surprise because it is a hairline crack in his fibula that makes him a few weeks out.

“There is minimal damage apart from the bone damage – there is no damage at all apart from that. It was a collision in training and it was all completely accidental.”

“Wilshere will continue to be assessed and treated by the Arsenal Medical Team”.

Warning: This Tweets contains strong language






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