LATEST: Henry To Take Over Wenger As Arsenal Manager?

The big question that keeps popping up in the thought of all Arsenal faithful is who is going to take over from Arsene Wenger when he retires having been at the helms of affairs at the club for 19-years.

Many are in the opinion that Thierry Henry will be the next successor and even Arsene Wenger believes Henry will do well as a manager.

Wenger believes Arsenal’s the all time leading goal scorer will make an excellent coach but there will be a steep learning curve if he wants to be a successful coach.

 Henry who has retired from playing football and has taken a role with Sky Sport as a pundit has for a while has an eye to coach the Gunners although he is yet to earn his coaching badges but he is working seriously towards it as he has been working with the Arsenal under 18’s side.

 “He will discover what the job is about and you have to go through that process if you want to one day manage a football team,” the boss told the official Arsenal website.

“The job of a player is centred on you and the job of a coach is centred on others. You find you just focus on others and how you can help them.

“It demands a psychological and mental transformation that is not always easy. It also demands how to get what you know is available in other people in the most simplistic way.”

In my own opinion Henry will make a wonderful coach it will be rough at first but the transition will be possible if given the opportunity; there is no doubt Henry showed much leadership role when he was at Arsenal and also his impact and experience was felt by both the management and also his teammates at the New York Red Bulls.


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