FRESH- Arsenal 6ft 1 Tall Star Believes He Can Still Offer The Gunners More

There is no doubt Arsenal and French international Laurent Koscielny is at the peak of his game he has truly established himself as one of the best defenders in the EPL since his arrival from Lorient.

The Frenchman turned 30 today and he is delighted he is playing for the Gunners he he insists he still feels like a young man regardless of his age.

According to arsenal official website, the 6ft 1 tall star has admits he has to put in more efforts to up his game knowing fully well he has passed the age limit where Wenger retains his player

Footballer or not, after 30 is a big part of your life,” he told Arsenal Player. “For a footballer it is important as you are closer to the end of your career than you are to the start. But, I feel like a young man.

“I’m nearly 30 but my body is ready to play more games, just the age has changed. I try to work hard and to be ready for training and the games and when you are older you need to work harder in training before the session and after.

“I can see the older players like Petr Cech or Mikel Arteta before and after training and it can help [extend] your career [to work hard like them].”

Kosicelny is confident that his know-how can be of benefit to the rest of the Arsenal team.

“I think it is true because you have played a lot of games before and you are more experienced,” he said. “When you play in the Premier League against a lot of big teams and in the Champions League every game can help you to be better.”

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