MASSIVE- £90,000-a-week Super Star To Be Sidelined For A Very Long Time! (Not Welbeck)

Arsene Wenger press conference yesterday addressed a lot of issues and answered questions that have been on the minds of many fans.

One of the questions he addressed yesterday was about Wilshere and also Danny Welbeck’s injury update and when he is expected to return to action.

The England international Wilshere has been sideline since picking up an ankle injury in training, but was expected to make a comeback to action soon.

The chief revealed that Wilshere has suffered a little ‘setback’ he won’t be expected to return to action soon.

“I have not seen Jack in the last two or three days,” he said.

“He is progressing slowly. It is slower than expected as I expected him to be back and available after the break, but unfortunately he will not be available for Saturday.

“He had a little setback and I have to know about it, but I can’t tell you much more as I have no medical information.”

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