Starting Line-Up Arsenal Vs Dinamo, Three Super Star AXED

The Gunners will travel to Croatia to open their Champions’ League group campaign for the 2015/2016 season.

Arsenal will take on Dinamo Zagreb on Wednesday; many will hope the Gunners don’t start their campaign shaky like the way they did in the premier league losing 2 goals away to West Ham United at the opening of the EPL campaign.

After last week first home win, Wenger will surely fixture a strong side for a well disciplined side, Dinamo Zagreb who finished top of their league to qualify for the Champions League.

There is no doubt Wednesdays’ line up will be a bit tricky as the Gunners are also set to take on league champions Chelsea this week followed with a North London Debby.

Here is how i expect Wenger to line-up his side against Dinamo.

Arsenal - Football tactics and formations

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