WARNING!!! Dinamo Game Won’t Be A Walk In The Park

Arsenal are in Croatia to kick of their Champions’ League group Campaign against a well disciplined Dinamo Zagreb side under coach Zoran Mamic today.

Mamic was at the Emirates over the weekend to watch Arsenal home victory against Stock City he had this to say “Arsenal are ‘frightening’ and could have beaten Stoke City 10-0 on Saturday”; The Gunners had over 29 chances at goal and were only able to convert 2 goals coming in from both strikers Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud.

‘I have watched Arsenal in many games,’ he said in a pre-match press conference. ‘I went to see them against Stoke this weekend and I got the impression they were playing in second or third gear, and should have won 10-0

‘It is frightening and fascinating how they play. I believe we will be better than Stoke. Cazorla and Ozil are key Arsenal players, but the team is so strong that danger comes from everywhere.’

After Saturdays game Mamic called upon compatriot Slaven Bilic for some advice ahead of the Group F tie knowing well West Ham are the only team that have caused a serious upset to the Gunners this season.

‘Yes, I have spoken to Slaven Bilic, he gave me some advice,’ Mamic continued.

Truly today’s game wont be a walk in the park.

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