MASSIVE BLOW: Alexis Sanchez To leave Club Due To Poor Tactics At Arsenal

Yesterday’s performance has left so many Gunner’s disappointed as the team continues their disappointing outing in Europe once again following a disappointing opening game against Dinamo Zagreb where they suffered a 2-1 defeat.

The Gunner’s slummed to a 3-2 defeat to Greek Champions Olympiacos last night in the 2nd game of the group stage of the Champions League.

Ian Wright believes that that Alexis Sanchez may leave the club in the summer if Arsene Wenger keeps getting his tactics wrong, He added that Wenger got it wrong to actually select David Ospina ahead of Petr Cech for last night’s game.

“There’s not enough aerial supremacy in there and the goalkeeper seemed to me like he was trying to second-guess something.

“For somebody who’s not playing often – and this is a must-win game – how can you put Ospina in goal? You’ve got to question the manager there.

“I think that’s a big mistake. Why not start with Petr Cech simply because of the experience he’s got? Because we have to win this game, Arsenal have to win this game.

“Normally we’re out by the quarter-final, last 16, this time we’ve got a massive hill to climb (to survive the group stage).”

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