About Last-Night Game, Wenger Believes The Gunners Will Make It To The Next Round With This Maths

Yesterday’s Shameful outing is a dream all Gooners were hoping to wake up last night to believe.

Well it wasn’t a dream the Gunners suffered a 5-1 defeat in the hands of the German Champions Bayern Munich last night in the UEAF Champions League.

The group F can be regarded as one of the hardest groups of the 2015/2016 champions’ league group stage and many fans believe the Gunners can’t make it to the knock out stage.

Well that might be wrong as the Gunners still have a little window of opportunity to qualify for the next group stage.

First we would have to assume and hope Wenger works towards this games and get the result let’s assume Bayern overcome Olympiakos, and the Gunners must grab a win over Dinamo Zagreb at home before beating Greek Champions Olympiacos by two goals at the Karaiskakis Stadium in order to advance to the last 16.



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