CONFIRMED Reason Behind 5’5ft Tall Man’s Performance

Last weekend’s game against north Londoners Tottenham Hotspur would have ended in a very sad way if Kieran Gibbs didn’t come to the rescue.

Arsenal’s  Arsene Wenger  has revealed reasons why he took Santiago Carzorla off midway through the game.

He said it wasn’t a tactical change and left to him he won’t have substituted him but he had to because he was “dizzy”

“I was sitting there thinking, do I take him off or not? You never know, maybe it will get better,” he told Sky Sports News.

“At half-time I took him off, and in the second half we had a bit better balance.” “He is not sick. He was just dizzy and could not move, you could see that on the pitch. Cazorla, who is usually the guide in our game, didn’t get the ball.

“I hope it is nothing bad, but it does not look like it, because he says he is alright now.”

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