OH NO: Super Star Admits Another Injury Set back!

23-year-old England international jack Wilshere suffered a hairline fracture during pre-season and is yet to play this season for the Gunners.

Wilshere has revealed his latest injury setback has been the toughest he has faced in his career but he admits he feels good ahead of his return in January.

It was the latest in a succession of injury woes for the 23-year-old England international and Wilshere admits this time he will not return until he is completely ready.

‘It’s going well,’ Wilshere told Arsenal.com.

‘I’m working as hard as I can to try to come back. I know what it takes because unfortunately I’ve been injured a few times in my career and I know what it takes to come back. I’m not going to rush it. I’ll make sure my body’s right and at the moment I’m feeling good.

‘Mentally this one has been the toughest to take because I had a big injury last year, came back, got myself fit, back in good form, played for England.

‘Then I cut my holiday short for two weeks and came in to try and get myself right for this season.

‘I thought, “This season I need to be fit for the whole season and go into the Euros with a whole season behind me”.

‘Unfortunately on the last day of pre-season I got injured so it was probably the toughest one for me to take.’


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