4 Things Arsenal MUST Do to BEAT Dinamo Zagreb At The Emirates!

Arsenal face Dinamo Zagreb in a must-win game at home, after initially losing to the Croatians away to start off a terrible Champions League campaign that has seen their chances of qualification hanging on a very thin thread. We now look at things Arsenal need to do to beat them and beat them well.

1. Play true wingers on both flanks

Dinamo know they will face an Arsenal team that is out for revenge, and would most likely park the bus. This is where we need real technical wingers who will look for pockets of space and exploit them while also having the technique to glide past players. It might seem like wishful thinking considering Arsenal’s current injury crisis, but having Alexis Sanchez on the right and Adelaide on the left gives just that. And it also allows for good deliveries to Olivier Giroud who will be looking to capitalize on any opportunity he can get.

2. No Overconfidence

If the first leg taught Arsenal anything, the first would be to never underestimate a team again, but they can be pulled into expecting not to make mistakes a second time, and might consequently expect an easy win, which is dangerous on its own, the gunners would in their own interest take this game the same way they took the first leg against Bayern, but with a more attacking approach this time.

3. Early Goals

Dinamo would be looking to defend for the majority of the game, but the opening minutes against Arsenal is always tough for any team, even against Bayern in the second leg. This is where the gunners must capitalize, the shaky opening minutes, just as they did against Manchester United earlier this season, scoring as many goals as they can before calming down to play with their opponents.

4. Use the youngsters

With the very thin squad we are currently left with, We can expect to see some youngsters on the bench again, but with Gibbs and Campbell doing poorly, it would be the best time to give one of either Adelaide or Iwobi a chance on the flank, with the hunger in them and the need to impress, they should do well..


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