Arsenal Want World-class Manager To Replace Wenger In 2017, Fan WILL Totally Love Him

Arsene Wenger, the longest serving manager at Arsenal, who’s contract is set to expire at the end of next season; remains a doubt if he would be extending is contract beyond next season or not. If he doesn’t, one man who the cap fits as the most qualified replacement for Arsenal, and who the fans would love to see take over from Wenger is no other than Pep Guardiola  of Bayern.

Interestingly, while Arsene Wenger’s contract would be expiring at Arsenal next season in 2017, Pep Guardiola’s contract would be expiring at Bayern Munich at 2016.

Bayern would certainly want to retain the services of Pep Guardiola beyond 2016. He is believed to be the most sought after manager in the whole of Europe because of his great achievements both at his former club Barcelona, and his current club Bayern Munich.

 Pep Guardiola may likely follow the footsteps of managers who has won honours at different clubs across Europe; This is why he is mostly linked with a move to England after the expiration of his contract at Allianz Arena.

More so, Arsenal plays a similar style that suits Pep Guardiola. This could be an added advantage for him to land at the Emirate Stadium as his next destination for his coaching career.


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