Welcome to the Emirates- Arrival Of These Two Duo Will Be Crucial To Winning The EPL.

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud believes that the imminent signing of Mohamed Elneny and return of Welbeck will see the Gunners through in the race to win the premier league title, according to the Metro.

The French man was responding to Alan Shearer’s comment which claims the Gunners need three new signings this winter transfer window if they want to win the premier league trophy at the end of the season.

According to Shearer, the Gunners need a defensive midfielder, a centre back and a striker, comments which Giroud strongly disagrees with.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, the striker said : “Tell me where! Just tell me where! I will explain the opposite judgment.

“We have very good players as well on the bench, young players waiting to come in. They are very talented. I am not worried about it.

“Danny Welbeck will come back in a month and a half. Theo Walcott can play up front; Joel Campbell is doing well with his national team up front. If I am less good or get injured, we still have a solution.”

The Gunners currently top the premier league table, 2 points above Leicester City despite struggling with injuries to a number of their first team stars.


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