Fresh: ‘When I sign, I Will Announce It’ Star Finally Hint on Arsenal Imminent Deal

Pep Guardiola has claimed it could be two years before he moves to the Premiership to fulfil his long time ambition of managing a Premier League club. This has fuelled speculation that he is sizing up a move to the Emirates.

Arsene Wenger’s current contract expires in two years’ time while Pep Guardiola’s tenure would be up at the end of this season. Pep was rumoured to fancy a move to the Premier league at the expiration of his contract with Bayern Munich in the summer but he is said to be putting off that move.

Guardiola said ‘’when I sign a contract I will announce it immediately. Maybe it will be two years until I will coach a team in England. I am very happy about my experience in Munich. I am working until my last second here. After that I will go home and wait to see if it’s not, then I won’t.’’

Many consider Pep’s comment to be a ploy to take over from Arsene Wenger when his contract expires in the summer of 2017.

But one point to note is that; Louis Van Gaal would be out of contract at Manchester United in the summer of 2017 too; so Pep may be planning on taking over at Manchester United too.

However, Time would tell where Pep would land when he is ready to move to England, with Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United looking his likeliest destination.


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