Latest As fans Unleash Fresh Havoc On Club

Wenger himself confirmed he would sign only “top players” in winter, and this has seen the club linked to an avalanche of star players in recent weeks.

The majority shareholder at English Premier League giants; Arsenal football club, Stan Kroenke was reported booed by fans. But funny enough it is not football fans but Hockey fans, according to reports.

A crowd of 19,000 ice hockey fans voiced their frustration towards Kroenke after his latest business move.

 Kroenke is the owner of National Football League side St. Louis Rams and he has controversially moved the team away from their St. Louis home to the Old Hollywood Park racetrack in California downtown Los Angeles.

This move is frustrating for the St. Louis Ram’s fans as they would have to travel close to 2000 miles to support their beloved team; majority of these fans don’t like the idea and they voiced their frustration by voicing ‘’Kroenke sucks’’ at a local ice hockey game.

This decision to move St. Louis Ram from their home ground to Old Hollywood Park race track in California is clearly for its financial benefit to Kroenke without considering the burden it poses on the fans that love the NFL side.


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