They Beleive In Me “I hope To Bench This MEGA Star Soon”

Arsenal youth goalkeeper Ryan Huddert has revealed that training with first team goalkeeper Petr Cech is having a huge impact on his development.

The young goalie who has also revealed that he idolised the 33 year old while he was growing up and he has considered himself lucky for being able to train alongside the former Chelsea goalkeeper.

Speaking with the Gunner’s official webside (via insidefutbol), the young goalie said:

“I’m lucky enough to train with the first team and working with people like David Ospina and Petr Cech has helped me massively.

“Me and Cech are a similar size and have similar movements on and off the ball so he has helped me so much.

“I idolised Cech before he came here. I can only improve with their help, and then with the shooting practice with the first-team players I can improve quicker and quicker every day.

“The work I do with the goalkeeping coaches helps massively as well – they believe in me and that helps.”


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