ANNOYING Arsenal As Arsenal Star Slams Team

The Gunners who were top of the table on new year’s day now sit third on the Premier League table, two points behind league leaders Leicester City.

In December, the Gunners were the pundits favourite to lift the Premier League title but that has since changed after falling to be consistent.

Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry have claimed Arsenal are annoying.

“I actually don’t know. It is actually annoying if you are an Arsenal fan.

“They did enough against Bournemouth.

“Now they need to go on a run, a proper run. But it seems that every time it doesn’t happen.”

He then went on to give a potential reason behind the struggles, a lack of title-winning experience in the Arsenal team.”

“Why? I don’t know. Do they want it enough? Do they want to grab that title?

“I don’t know why there is no consistency in that team.

“Maybe because in that team you have guys that didn’t win a championship yet. The first one you win is always the trigger and then you build on some confidence. That didn’t happen yet.”

“They don’t how to win the league and consistency is key.”


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