Mind Games Kicks In As Arsenal Prepares To Take On Barcelona

According to reports Barcelona fullback Dani Alves has claimed the Gunners don’t win titles because they lack maturity, according to the Daily Mirror.

The Gunners who are in search of their first Premier League title since 2004 and the Brazilian fullback believes the lack of experienced players in the Gunners squad have caused the club to miss out on the title for 10 years.

Speaking to the times, Alves said:

“Being such a young team they sometimes lack maturity and

the experience that’s necessary to get to the line.”

“In the Premier League they start well, but it costs them more to maintain that level and get titles.”

“They treat the ball very well and are very organised, tactically, but there is not a mixture of youth and experience,” added the Barca ace.

“The young people want to attack but there are times when you have to control the game.”

Wenger’s side are currently in the Premier League title race, Many Pundits and Fans think this is the Gunners best chance to win the trophy with many big clubs falling aside and Wenger who now has a blend of experience and youth in his squad will be hoping to take advantage of the situation.


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