Arsenal Hero Reveals PROTESTS “More Disappointed Love Than Aggression”

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Arsene Wenger believes the fans protest in the twelfth minute against Norwich on Saturday was a sign of disappointing love rather than real aggression from the fans.

Some sections of Arsenal crowd protested against the French man on Saturday carrying a placard coveying a “Time for Change” message but the anti-Wenger fans were quickly overshadowed by the French man’s supporters who chanted “there is only one Arsene Wenger” in praise of the French manager.

Speaking after the game on Saturday, Wenger acknowledged his supporters and also added it was a strange atmosphere at the Emirates.

“I am a professional who has given 19 years to this club,” Wenger said.

“I have to accept the judgement of people. The only thing I don’t doubt is my sincere commitment to the club. After that I am sorry if I cannot keep 100 per cent happy.

“Maybe it is as well because we have been remarkably consistent. This season was a bit special because we were in a position for a long time where our fans believed we could win the league.

“We didn’t and that’s why I think it’s more disappointed love than real aggression.”

“It was a bit of a strange atmosphere,” Wenger added.

“I think the fans were behind the team and I believe as well we did not have the stylish performance that could raise people off their seats.

“We had a serious, studied performance, a bit subdued at stages, but we wanted absolutely to win the game and we did it.”

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