Arsenal Should Find A New Manager

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The Gunners are going to have an interesting decision to make over the next few months with the contract of manager Arsene Wenger expiring at the end of the season. While the club and Wenger appear to have mutual interest in agreeing to another contract, Wenger has refused to undergo any contract negotiations until the end of the English Premier League season. If Arsenal wants to make the best move possible for their club, then they need to focus their time on finding a new manager before the start of next season.

It may be hard to envision someone other than Arsene Wenger managing Arsenal after he has been with the club for the last 20 years, but it may be the exact move needed to invigorate the players before the start of next season. While Wenger is one of most iconic managers in the sport, he has failed to get his team to live up to their lofty expectations over the last 10 years. Arsenal has never finished outside of the top four in the English Premier League since hiring Arsene Wenger, but they also have not won the league since 2004. Arsenal has the talent and financial resources to compete in the EPL every season, so they should have found a way to win at least one league title during that time.

In addition to the disappointing performance in the EPL lately, Arsene Wenger has also failed to get his club to perform well in UEFA Champions League play. Arsenal has gotten knocked out of the prestigious tournament during the Round of 16 for six straight years. While no one expects them to defeat Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern Munich on a regular basis, they need to find a way to consistently defeat the lesser European clubs they face in the Champions League. Getting knocked out by a team like AS Monaco simply should not happen to a club with the talent and resources of Arsenal.The fact that Leicester City has won a title more recently than Arsenal is a little frightening.

Another major problem of Arsene Wenger is his misuse of Olivier Giroud this season. Giroud has proven that he can be one of top goal scorers in the world, as he scored the tying goal against Bournemouth on January 3rd, which was his third straight start.. While this can be partially contributed to the great play of Alexis Sanchez, Giroud has the versatility to play multiple positions on the field. Olivier Giroud continues to prove he knows how to score important goals for both Arsenal and the French national team, but his talents continue to be underutilized on the bench.

A new manager would bring a fresh perspective and new tactics to this club, and that may be what Arsenal needs to finally win another Premier League title. Recent managerial changes have done wonders for Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City this season, so it is not hard to expect the same thing to happen to Arsenal. If Arsenal can find a new manager the club loves, then they need to make the move at the end of the season.

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