Arsenal Beg Stan Kroenke for More Funds to Complete Major Signing

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Arsenal are reportedly set to ask Stan Kroenke for more money so they can spunk it all on Wilfried Zaha.

Arsenal have a reported £40m to spend this summer plus whatever they can generate from player sales but to buy the players they actually want/need they need about four times that.

Stan Kroenke has never put his hand in his pocket so quite why anyone thinks this will change now is beyond me.

According to The Sun back in April, Arsenal were set to receive a ‘bumper transfer kitty’ this summer thanks to Stan Kroenke’s American sports franchises doing so well, but as I said at the time, there was nothing to get excited about.

That ‘bumper windfall’, of course, hasn’t arrived and shows no sign of turning up anytime soon.

Since Kroenke rocked up at Arsenal 12 years ago he’s put exactly zero pence of his own money into the club.

Why, then, some people seem to think he will change that this summer because his American teams are doing well I don’t know, but that’s where we are.

A report in The Sun, unfortunately, often gets good sports info, claims that Arsenal, who were originally set for a £40m kitty if they failed to qualify for the Champions League, will get some more.

“But billionaire owner Kroenke is now set for a cash injection having finally paid off the debt on his privately-financed £138million Pepsi Center, where his NBA and NHL teams play,” Tony Gannon in The Sun wrote.

‘Gannon’ continues: “Kroenke has been paying up to £11.5m-a-season on the Denver stadium since its opening in 1999.

“The American, who is worth an eye-watering £6.7BILLION, will also rake in extra cash thanks to the success of his teams, the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche.

“Both sides have made the NBA and NHL playoffs and Kroenke, 71, will profit from every home game they play.”

There is absolutely no evidence contained in that article, beyond the supposition of a man who doesn’t seem to exist, that a billionaire who has never invested in Arsenal before is about to change the habit of a lifetime.

The fact that he couldn’t even be bothered to turn up in Baku for Arsenal’s first European final in over 10 years tells you how much he cares.

Do you really think he’s going to back that apathy with the cash he’s so desperately hoarding?

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