Premier League Bosses Excited With Wenger’s Plans to Change VAR

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Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo has backed Arsene Wenger’s calls to change VAR and the way the offside rule is applied.

Arsene Wenger has suggested that instead of penalising an attacker for having a small part of his body offside, the law should be changed so that if part of his body that can score a goal is in line with the defender he would be ruled onside.

“Everybody that is outside the decision-making of the law can give opinions and clearly the opinions are to improve, to make things better for everybody, so if Arsene Wenger said that I support it,” Nuno said.

“The best people to judge and to make decisions are implicated. I truly respect them but like I say, make it better for everybody so that does not become an issue.

“VAR has names behind it, there are referees judging those decisions, so every time we say ‘VAR’ we must start making ‘Who is doing VAR’ more public. If it improves, good.

“It is here to stay, the only thing I hope for is an improvement, to be more clear, especially for the players because sometimes they are on the pitch and they don’t understand the decision. That takes away the concentration — the game is delayed for too long.”

Any changes, should they come, will not be in place for the Euros this summer but the International Football Association Board will hold their annual meeting at the end of this month when they will discuss concussion, VAR and rule changes to the game that will come into law from June 1.

They will also be discussing ways to improve player behaviour on the pitch and increasing respect through the ‘Fair Play’ initiative.

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