Revealed: How Kroenke Family Refuse to Apologise for Their Insensitive Action

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Arsenal and Manchester United’s American owners have refused to apologise for their part in voting for the NFL to ban players taking a knee to protest racial injustice.

Although we have seen all Premier League sides, including Arsenal and United, take a knee before games in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, in America, it has been somewhat different.

When Colin Kaepernick first took a knee during the American national anthem in 2018, he was ostracised from the NFL and is still without a team.

Since then, the NFL has apologised for their stance, but neither the Kroenkes nor the Glazers have followed suit, even when approached by the media and asked to do so.

Admittedly, it is more than a little hypocritical for The Sun to be making an issue out of this given how racist their rag and owner is, but the point still stands – neither see anything to say sorry for.

How must that make black players and supporters of their NFL teams feel?

For the record, Manchester United have issued a statement saying, “Everyone at the club – the owners, the board, staff and players – is united against racism and discrimination in all forms and completely committed to the campaign against it.

“This has been a longstanding priority for Manchester United through our All Red All Equal campaign and our support for groups such as Kick It Out.

“Many of our players have taken a personal stand against racism and we are all fully supportive of them in doing so.”

Arsenal said, “Arsenal Football Club has always been about ensuring people feel welcome whatever their background.

“Driving equality and diversity is a key part of our strategy which is approved at board level. We have a long track record of doing this.

“This is evidenced by the fact we were the first Premier League club to gain the Advanced Equality Standard in 2011, a standard we continue to hold today.

“Along with our players, we are fully supportive of driving change to ensure our black community is treated fairly and equally across all aspects of society.

“We know there is much more to do and we have the full support of our board and ownership to make meaningful change happen wherever we can.”

Silent Stan, however, has kept his mouth shut but his wallet open for Donald Trump, as have the Glazers.

The NFL then held a vote to ban the protest, one which Stan Kroenke and the Glazers heartily supported.

Teams were then ordered to stand during the national anthem, despite Joel Glazer saying in 2017 that he defended the USA’s first amendment right to free speech.

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