Full Details: Why This Arsenal Star Should be Investigated!

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As a life-long Arsenal fan and a Sports Writer, I usually take out time every end of the season to analyse our campaign.

While looking through stats, records and analysis, one particular name kept popping up in almost every negative report we have had so far this season and that’s because this person has been highly regarded by Unai Emery, Freddie Ljungberg and now Mikel Arteta.

That name is David Luiz! Yes, Luiz! and I’ll explain how and why.

I know some of you will quickly say “Yes” , “True”, but i’m not the type to jump in on a “public opinion” train without hard facts.

-Firstly, David Luiz has been directly and indirectly involved in more than half of our total goals conceded this season. (more directly than indirectly to be precise) .

-Luiz has made crucial/game changing mistake(s) leading to goal(s) and defeats against ALL of the 8 teams currently above us on the Premier League table. (Lets not even get started with the teams below us).

The big question now is why is he still being picked ahead of others in the starting lineup? I’ll explain that as well.

No doubt Arsenal have had a tough time with injuries this season, especially in defence.

But citing a recent example, why is Luiz still being picked ahead of a 100% fit Rob Holding and Sokratis.

Please spare me the excuse of his experience, passing range abilities and leadership qualities. That’s NOT why he is being picked ahead of others.

The ONLY logical reason why Luiz is picked ahead of others in the defence lineup is because he actually puts in the work and fight in training to be picked by any reasonable manager ahead of the rest.

Yes, he trains very well to earn his place in Emery, Ljungberg and Arteta’s squad.

But why then does he suddenly act “clumsily” in the actual matches is beyond me. Except, maybe, it has to do with something that is financially benefiting to him.

Could David Luiz be involved in match fixing with bookmakers?

This is always a very grey area in football that is hardly ever talked about. Because the Premier League is the biggest, most lucrative and “picture perfect” League in the world, why would anyone in it be involved in match fixing?

But this things do happen, however minute.

Anyway, Luiz, at 33, has nothing to lose, he is right at the end of his football career at top level and has signed a new deal at Arsenal taking a huge paycut to do so.

However, to me, any footballer that comes on, clearly “gifts” a goal to the opposition team and then another “gift” goal via penalty and then takes a red card to 10 men all in space of 5-10 minutes is a suspect and should be investigated.

This is without mentioning all the other 12 teams he has given this same “gifts” to during the course of the season.

Clearly put, if you take away just half of David Luiz’s “gifts” from our campaign, we will be right up there seriously challenging for a Champions League place.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below.

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