Koscielny Finally Speak on Arteta Removing Ozil From The Arsenal Team

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Mesut Ozil is reportedly not playing football for Arsenal because he’s not showing enough in training but that’s not what most people say about him.

It seems fairly clear at this point that Mesut Ozil is being punished for refusing to blindly accept a pay cut at Arsenal.

The narrative that has been constructed was an easy one to build given it’s a line the UK media have been hammering since Ozil first arrived in England.

Anyone who has played or worked with Ozil, however, sings a very different tune.

Take former club captain, Laurent Koscielny, for instance.

“We’re both part of the ‘Arsene Wenger Generation’,” Kos told L’Equipe (via SportWitness).

“The coach loved him as a player. It was more complicated with Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta.

“Knowing him, he must always be professional in training, always on time. He is undoubtedly at the level demanded by the Premier League. There is probably a certain case with the club since last year, I hope both sides find a deal that works for everyone.

“He is a competitor. I hope to see him back on the pitch soon, at Arsenal or elsewhere, because he is real talent.

“As a man, he’s a very good person, who got along with all his teammates. He gave a lot, helped sick children. He is a generous person, with whom I got along very well. As a player, he is in my opinion a phenomenon. He can find passes that no one sees, he’s a maestro. He can rock a game with incredible passes.”

Add that to the comments below from a former Arsenal coach and see how neither lineup with what the club are currently trying to tell us.

Arsenal coach says Mesut Ozil is best player he’s seen in training

On the Totally Football Show in November 2019, BBC journalist Lynsey Hooper told a story of overhearing an Arsenal coach discussing Mesut Ozil in training.

Mesut Ozil in training has been the subject of lengthy debate. Without any evidence he has often been described as being lazy and disinterested. In fact, what little evidence there is tends to fly in the face of this assertion.

On the Totally Football Show podcast, James RichardsonLynsey HooperDuncan Alexander and Anton Toloui were wrapping up their Arsenal discussion when Hooper dropped the following story:

Lynsey: I was sat in the Wonder Cafe, do you know, the one right opposite Arsenal Stadium?

Of course, members of staff come in there, coaching staff, and I was on a reporting day the one day, eavesdropping, and one of the coaching staff was singing the praises of Mesut Özil to the rafters saying he was the best player he’d seen up close in training.

And this is a coach. This is someone that’s with him every day. And because…somebody on the same table sort of, raised the question, you know, is his workrate a problem? Is it that he’s too lazy? He went, “anyone who thinks that, isn’t across what Mesut Özil’s about. That isn’t the sort of player he is. But if you look at his technical skill and all of these other factors that he brings to Arsenal”, he said, “he’s one of the best players he’s ever seen”.

Jimbo: D’you know, if it wasn’t you, Lynsey, I’d nominate that for ‘Didn’t Happen of the Year Award’, ‘cause that’s such a perfect conversation to eavesdrop on…

Lynsey: No, I did, yeah.

Jimbo: …”I was there! And two Arsenal staff members…and one said…”

Duncan: Was one of the Arsenal staff members Mesut Özil?

Lynsey: No, I don’t think the other one was a staff member. One was because he was fully kitted up but I think he’d met maybe with some friends and they were just asking different bits? But yeah, I was there for some hours. They know me well in that cafe.

Jimbo: Do they? Ok. You didn’t lean in and join the conversation?

Lynsey: I felt like, I had my Premier League jacket on, so it was enough of a warning to say, you know, I’m sat on the next table if I want to listen.

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